Introducing: Coats of Arms

This is my latest project, this site has thousands of high-resolution scalable vector images of Coats of Arms, Badges, and Family Crests from around the world.
I have written the software that allows browsing this huge collection of images. The purchase and download process is quick, easy and the images are the best quality to be found anywhere on the net.

Great White North Technologies Technical Services

Great White North Technologies is a technology service company that offers a wide variety of services including home and business technical support, training, and repairs for most technology products including computers, tablets and mobile devices as well as web / email hosting and editing and custom software development.

Great White North Technologies Software

This page has information and download links for some of the apps developed by Rick Macmurchie of Great White North Technologies.

Great White North Technologies Technical Articles

Articles that will help you back up your email, protect your system from viruses, and a variety of other topics.

Novatone Records

Information and sample music downloads for some of Victoria's more original musicians.


The links page has links to some useful sites on the Internet and links to the pages of some of our customers, family and friends.

Vancouver Island Music & Entertainment

Vancouver Island Live Entertainment

A list of Vancouver Island and Victoria's active performing groups.

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