List Search Utility - General Usage

Setting your options.

The first time you run the program you should pick Options from the File menu to specify the location of your offline file listing. You can make a listing of your offline files (files not on your hard drive, on CD, floppies etc.) with the list maker utility available at in the software pages.

If you don't have any offline files that you want to include in your searches you don't have to enter any information in the Options screen.

The Update Archive Name & Update Server are used to specify the location and name of a web site that you can check for updated versions of the offline listing file. (If you are using somebody else's file listing as your offline listing.

If you are creating the offline list file yourself with List Maker leave these fields blank.

The Nickname and First Run Date are for future use and can be ignored for now.

Specifying Online file locations.

You can include one or more folders of files on your hard drive as locations that should be indexed and included in the searches.

Use Add/Edit locations on the File menu to specify the locations of the files on your hard drive that you want to include in your searches.

  1. To add a location type a descriptive name for the location in the description box. (ex. Music Files)
    Note: Each description must be unique! (ex. You can't have two Music Files descriptions)
  2. Click the ... button to locate the folder with the files you want to include.
  3. Click the Add button.

Click Save when you are done adding locations.

You will be prompted to ask if you want to rescan the online file locations. Click yes if you have added any new locations, or no if you only changed the order of the locations or deleted locations.

Performing Searches
Type one or more words that are in the title of the file that you are looking for and click the Find Button. The program will search and online locations that you have indexed and list any found files with a blue match percentage. Your offline file listing (if you have one) will be searched last and any found files will be listed with a red match percentage.

Additional Features
Try right-clicking on files in the found items list for options that are available for the specific file types.