Experimental Midi Utility

This is a utility program developed for my own use, but you may find some of it's features useful.

The program reads midi files, extracts some interesting information; Key signature, Tempo, Copyright etc.

Converts lyrics events to/from text events (for making MIDI karaoke files).

Will convert spaces in filenames to _ (underscore) characters, or _ characters to spaces.

Will identify Karaoke files by changing the extension from .mid to .kar.mid

Will batch process renaming of files and extract a lot of information about your files to a text file or a CSV file for importing into database or spreadsheet applications.

Download Version 0.0.23 (1670k)

Special thanks to Herman de Vries for spotting several bugs, in particular one that made the Lyric to Karaoke conversion use incorrect event times.

Contact: Rick Macmurchie
Phone: 1(250)658-6319
1000 Fenn Avenue, Victoria B.C. Canada V8Y 1P3

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