Technical Consulting Services

Assistance in finding the appropriate hardware and software products for your needs. Allowing you to be sure the software and hardware you purchase will meet your needs, and that you don't spend more than you need to buy buying more than you need.

Hardware & Software Installation and Upgrades

We can help you choose new hardware and software products that will work with your existing or new computer system and fulfill your needs. Including making the new hardware and/or software work in your system with your existing software and hardware.

Computer Repairs and Software Troubleshooting

If something is not working the way it should, or you just can't figure out how to make your system do something you want it to do, we can help you make it work, identifying and correcting hardware and software problems or explaining how to get the most from your system.

Networking Set-up and Maintenance

We can help you get your network working, or expand and update an existing network.

Internet (Connection and Sharing)

If you need help choosing and getting connected to an appropriate internet service provider. We can help with installation of networking hardware or modems, and Internet software, plus training on Internet concepts and use of Internet software. 

We can also set up your entire local network system to share a single internet connection.


One on one or small group instruction on general computer use or specific software.

Custom Software Development

We can develop custom applications using RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools to solve problems specific to your business, where commercial software may not be available.

Desktop Publishing, Photography, Image Scanning, and Video Capture

Design of promotional materials, scanning of images from photographs, slides, negatives, or real objects to disk, capture of images and video to disk from video tape.

Computer Music systems, MIDI Systems, and Digital Audio

We have built Digital Audio recording systems, and MIDI music systems for use in home, studio and live performance. We can put together a complete system and provide training on it's use. We can also integrate Digital Video editing capabilities with the music system. 

Web Page Design, Instruction and Maintenance

Design of Web sites, including image scanning, and other graphics.


Please feel free to call, or E-mail with any questions or for and appointment. Most services are provided same day or next day, on-site in your office or home. Our primary service area is Southern Vancouver Island, B.C. Service outside this area can be arranged.


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