Great White North Technologies provides a wide range of technical services for business and personal needs.

Our specialty is Intel/Windows computers and networks, but we also support Apple systems, IOS (iPhone / iPad), Tablets, Mobile Phones, and Home Entertainment systems.

We can help you solve almost any technology related problem and get it done right the first time. We use language that is understandable, and can clearly explain what computer industry jargon really means. Some of our main services include:

Technical Consulting Services
Hardware & Software Installation and Upgrades
Computer Repairs and Software Troubleshooting
Networking Set-up and Maintenance
Internet (Connection and Sharing)
Computer Music systems, MIDI Systems, and Digital Audio

Custom Software Development

Desktop Publishing, Photography, Image Scanning, and Video Capture
Web Page Design, Instruction and Maintenance

Please feel free to call, or email with any questions or for an appointment. Most services are provided same day or next day, on-site in your office or home. Our primary service area is Southern Vancouver Island, B.C. Service outside this area can be arranged.

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