Updating and Securing or Removing Java

Copyright 2013, Rick Macmurchie - April 23, 2013

Java is a programming language that is often used so that a program can be written once and run on several different types of computers without change. Some desktop programs use Java (Vuze, SageTV) but it has been most commonly used by programs that run inside web browsers.

To run a Java program the Java runtime needs to be installed on your computer. The Java runtime has become a favourite target for malware to use to infect computers, so bad in fact that it is now recommended that the Java runtime should be uninstalled or at least disabled in web browsers.

I have prepaired printable instructions for updating and securing Java with instructions also included for installing and removing Java.

Click to open or Right-Click to Save the instructions: Updating and Securing or Removing Java.pdf

Very Important: Whenever installing Java or Java updates make sure to uncheck the option to install and toolbars or other add-ons. These add-ons pay Oracle to be installed with Java but may cause problems for your computer.

Java is not the only offender for installing useless softtware along with something you want, other free downloads also do this so watch for them whenever installing software.

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