Privacy Notice for Novatone and Great White North Technologies web pages.

We respect your privacy and feel that everyone is entitled to use the internet without being continuously tracked.

That is why you will find NO advertising on this site and why none of the software avaliable for download on this site includes any 3rd party toobars or other bundled crapware. We do not use 3rd party analytics or advertising that could track you from site to on the internet. In short this site generates NO revenue unless you decide to send us a donation or make a purchase.

We do not collect personal information unless absolutely needed. We do need contact information if you make a purchase. All payments are processed using PayPal, which allows us to never have your payment card information.

Whenever possible no third party script is allowed on our pages, social networking icons for example are implemented without scripts or references to third party reaources that might comprimise your privacy.

The web server automatically logs standard statistical information about web requests (like almost all web sites) including your IP address and the request string sent by your web browser.

We will be preparing additional information about how to protect your privacy on the internet soon.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Updated April 23, 2013

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