List Search Utility - Release Information

Version 2.5(64) - November 3rd 2010
Bug fixes, additional cleaner error handling, some optimization.
Background indexing will now not replace an existing index file unless it completes indexing successfully.
Cleaner install process.

Version 2.5(63) - January 26th 2009
Added option to use multiple lists of offline files created manually with ListMaker

Version 2.4(60) - November 28th 2008
Increased the maximum number of supported Folders and Files
Improved handling of files and folders with unusual characters in the names
Added a single Results window at the end or the re-index process to list problem files and folders
Added progress status during re-index

Version 2.3(57) - September 24th 2002
Fixed a minor problem that would sometimes leave the program loaded in memory after quitting. If are upgrading and think you are having this problem, reboot before installing this version to make sure that the file is not loaded and locked.

Version 2.3(55) - September 9th 2002
Enabled the use of the Web Update button when using a listing file specified on the command line.
Disabled the Web Update button if either the update file name or server is left blank.
Fixed a problem that may have stopped listing updates files from decompressing.

Version 2.3(54) - August 20th 2002
Changed the way the number of items found is calculated. It now displays the the total number of files listed not just the number found if the last list searched.

Added a error check to the start-up code to try and track down a problem reloading saved settings on some systems.

Version 2.3(53) - August 11th 2002
This is the first general purpose public release of this program.

There are probably a number of minor issues with the program that would allow you to crash it it you try. Read the program usage help page for basic information on configuring and using the program and email to report problems.

Check back on the web page at in the software section to see if there is an updated version available. There will probably be one or two updates a month for the next while.

Customized versions of this program are available for licensing if you want to distribute a search / viewer application with a collection of files you are marketing. One customized version being distributed as the Armorial Gold Viewer includes an image file browser in addition to the search function. Rates for customized versions are very reasonable; contact for more information.