Vista and Windows 7 M-Audio Quattro Driver Installation:


Download and install the Windows XP drivers from the M-Audio web site:


During the driver installation you will be prompted several times with a warning about the drivers being unsigned, allow in to continue installing the drivers, there are no working signed drivers available.


After installing the drivers, plug in the Quattro and follow the normal driver install process. Most likely a generic Microsoft provided driver (that does not work) will end up installed. The generic drivers get installed in preference to the M-Audio drivers because the M-Audio drivers do not have a digital signature.


You will need to manually update the drivers to make sure the M-Audio ones are used. (And try to always use the same USB port when connecting your Quattro or you may need to repeat this.)


To update the drivers you will need to open device manager, open control panel and click Classic View, then double-click Device Manager


In Device Manager click the + or arrow beside Sound, video and game controllers, the Quattro should show up three times. as USB Audio Quattro, Right-Click on the first one and click Properties


On the Properties Driver tab notice that the Provider is listed as Microsoft, click Update Driver



Click Browse my computer for driver software.



Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer



Click the M-Audio driver and then click next



Repeat the above for the second USB Audio Quattro device



And repeat the above for the third USB Audio Quattro device


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