Sysex Trimmer can reduce the size of sysex data files by removing the default settings. It does this by using a default bulk dump from your card/module as a reference file, comparing any subsequent files against this. All data that is the same as the default file is removed.
View the Readme file.

Download Sysex Trimmer Version 1.0.11 (1.5Mb)
After download, unzip the archive and run Setup to install.

These downloads are fully functional programs.

Register the Sysex Trimmer $10 - Not required, but if you find it useful, encourage me to continue developing.
You can register by sending cheque / money order to the contact address at the bottom of this page.

System Requirements

Windows 95, 98 (NT4.0 Untested)
3Mb Free disk space.
A MIDI Sequencer that supports inserting Sysex messages.

The download version of Sysex Trimmer is compressed in ZIP format check the WinZip web page if you don't have a program to uncompress ZIP files.

Contact: Rick Macmurchie
Phone: 1(250)658-6319
1000 Fenn Avenue, Victoria B.C. Canada V8Y 1P3

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