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This is where you will find articles about getting the most out of your computer, including a guide to anti-virus protection, How-to tips, and the latest cool stuff happening in the PC and Audio/Video world.

Updating and Securing or Removing Java

My computer runs like a bag of manure, its slow, it crashes and I get pop-up adds all the time. What to do about Malware, Adware and Spyware.
(June 1, 2005)

Product Review: Programmable universal remote controls for home theatre systems
(July 17th, 2003)

Moving Outlook Express Messages and Addresses to a new computer
(February 20th, 2003)

Strange Message Boxes with 'Windows Messenger' in the title bar
(November 28th, 2002)

E-Mail Attachment Safety Update 2 - What are ZIP files and are they safe attachments to open?
(October 18th, 2002)

E-Mail Attachment Safety Update 1 - Changes in how Outlook Express 6 handles attachments after installing Service Pack 1 (SP1)
(October 8th, 2002)

E-Mail Attachment Safety - How to avoid getting infected by E-Mail Worms, Viruses and Trojans
(February 6th, 2002)

Misleading Anti-Virus Information circulating in email
(February 6th, 2002)

Local Area Network / Wide Area Network Security
(February 4th, 2002)

The 'nimda' virus
(September 24th, 2001)

There is a new music file format that may replace the MP3 format!
(September 10th 2001)

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