Music Utilities

M-Audio Quattro USB
Control panel replacement for Vista

Have a M-Audio Quattro USB? Want to use it with Vista or Windows 7? This program will make it easier.
88 Edit
A Windows sound editor for the Roland SC-88 and other GS Sound Modules.
Sysex Trimmer
A Windows utility to reduce the size of Sysex message files by eliminating Sysex messages with default values. Intended for use with the SCC1 and SC-Pro, but also works with other modules, including some XG modules.
Midi file Lyric Converter (1460k)
A very basic Windows utility to convert between Midi Karaoke style 'Text event' lyrics and 'Lyric event' style lyrics from Cakewalk and other sequencers. Works on Type 1 Midi files. Converts in both directions. (Includes Setup Program)


 'Reno Style' Jacks or Better Video Poker
A Windows card game: Video Poker 

Other Utilities


Export mail messages from Incredimail 2.
This first version exports all of your messages to EML files the final version should be able to import the messages directly into Microsoft Outlook with the folder structure intact.

List Maker
Make catalogues or lists of files and folders form your hard drive, floppies, or CDs to text files that can be printed or searched with any text viewer including Notepad & WordPad. The lists can be quickly searched with the List Search Utility (below)
  List Search
Quickly search the catalogues or lists of files and folders made with List Maker as well as being able to index and search folders on your hard drive.
  CD Audio Frames Calculator
A small, simple application useful for calculating how many CD Audio frames (also known as sectors or blocks) are used in a CD Audio track of a given length. This is useful for calculating frame start and/or end values when extracting the last audio track from a multi-session CD or when extracting partial audio tracks.

Weather Data Import / Export Utility
A Windows 95/98 utility to Import and Export data from Weather View data files. If you don't know what Weather View is, you don't need this.

If you are unable to download these programs, send a message to  with Request <Application Title> as the subject and we will attempt to send you the file via e-mail.

Experimental and Beta test programs 

Experimental Midi Utility
Loads and displays some information about MIDI files, on screen or to a file.
Converts file names.
Converts Lyrics to/from Karaoke files.
Etc. More features may be added later.
File Renaming Utility (NameCleaner) (Updated June 9, 2002)
Quickly Cleans up messy file names of files downloaded from Internet Newsgroups and allows easy grouping of related files in separate folders.

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